Create A
Healthy Revenue Stream With Your Car

Invest in Uber/Bolt with us today!

Let your car make
money for you

Take advantage of the rave in the transportation sector by putting up a car on an e-hailing platform such as Uber, Bolt, etc, and make weekly income for yourself.

Modern Way To Make Money With Your Car

  • Do you have a 2003 and above model car in your garage and you still complain of being broke? You can make as huge as twenty five thousand naira (25,000) weekly. 
  • Do you have access to cars and you don’t know how to turn them into revenue? You can join us to make decent revenues from the opportunities we offer.
  • Are you are setting out on vacation and would want your cars to make some decent income for you while away? We can achieve just that.
  • Are you abroad and still sending money back home for family upkeeps, or still coming to Nigeria with dollars to spend on your vacation? Let us handle that for you.
  • Is your driver or mechanic taking advantage of you or are they ripping you off? Come forward and let us assist you with our professional and transparent services to insulate you from their exploitation.


A full diagnosis will be carried out on your vehicle to determine the effectiveness and status of the car. If your vehicle passes our inspection test, it will be registered with us for as low as 36,750 naira
Our remittance on vehicles with 1.6liter engines (e.g Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix) is 25,000 naira weekly or 100,000 naira monthly, depending on your preferred frequency for payment.

We handle on your behalf all the processes  such as the E-Hailing Registration, Driver Recruitment, Evaluation & Training of Drivers, Tracking, Periodic Inspection of the Physical & Mechanical condition and the timely Maintenance of your vehicle. Vehicles in our fleet undergo oil change every 2,000miles, as we place a premium on ensuring that the durability of your engine is not in any way carelessly compromised. 

Further details on our operations are spelt out in our contractual agreement document.